Bear and Chicken

Jannie Ho | c.2017
Running Press Kids

Is Bear friend or foe? When Bear finds a chicken frozen in the winter snow, he brings her home to defrost her. As Chicken thaws–um, awakens–she fears that Bear is actually preparing to eat her. Oh no! Will Chicken become Bear’s lunch? Or does Bear have a different plan in mind?

My Elephant

Petr Horáček | c.2009
Candlewick Press

What to do when Grandpa and Grandma are too busy to play? Ask the elephant, of course! He’s loads of fun, even if he squashes the flower bed and breaks a few things around the house. Grandpa and Grandma will understand– really. In an intergenerational story that is both funny and sweet, Petr Horáček illuminates the power of one boy’s boundless imagination — and how truly infectious it can be!


Lorena Alvarez | c.2016

Every night, tiny stars appear out of the darkness in little Sandy’s bedroom. She catches them and creates wonderful creatures to play with until she falls asleep, and in the morning brings them back to life in the whimsical drawings. When a mysterious new girl appears at school, Sandy’s drawings are noticed for the first time, but Morfie’s fascination with Sandy’s talent soon turns into something far more sinister.